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Who We Work With

We work with people who prioritize others’ needs over their own; very busy people who keep pressing forward despite exhaustion and discontent; guarded people who suppress their feelings for fear of rejection or abandonment; those relied upon by many, but are supported by few; “over-analyzers” immobilized by indecisiveness; the lonely who struggle to maintain relationships but yearn for connection; workaholics who struggle with work-life balance and have a hard time separating their self-worth from their productivity; and perfectionists who put forth an exhausting amount of effort but can never seem to get it just right.

Whether you’re seeking to heal a relationship with a loved one or with yourself, need coping strategies, support or understanding, we can help. We endeavor to help you discover the person hiding beneath the protective layers life has demanded so that you can rediscover and learn to value your authentic self while reclaiming the energy expended in conformity.




Helping women heal and deal one hour at a time.

Because each of us are unique, we deserve an individually tailored approach. That's why we choose to employ a variety a strategies to promote healing and healthy dealing for: depression, anxiety, life transitions, career issues, stress, grief/loss, low self esteem mood disorders and trauma.


Competent and Relatable

Private practice is not an endeavor to be undertaken in isolation. Whether you're looking for support in building or growing your practice or just need new perspective for challenging cases, I can help. My aim to help you process through your most difficult cases while honing your intuition, awareness and confidence in intervention and connection.



Falling in love is easy, staying in love is a challenge.

Your goal is to stay together, our goal is to help. Using emotionally focused therapy, we will explore the here and now, the stuff that led to the here and now, and the stuff that needs to change to get you both to where you want to be. 

**Services also available for friends and mothers and daughters.


Convenient and Accessible

Video therapy is an easy way to connect when life is too busy to accommodate a face to face session, you live too far, or when the weather is bad! We are currently licensed to provide video therapy in the state of Michigan and will need to conduct a brief assessment to determine if video therapy is right for you. Not all insurances cover this service so please check your benefits before scheduling.


About us

Our practice specializes in treating individuals, couples and families, and through years of experience, we are confident that no problem is too great to overcome.

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