A Safe Space to Rediscover Yourself and Reclaim Your Energy


We Invite You To Reclaim Your Energy and Invest In Your Most Valuable Asset - YOU

Our belief is that WE ARE not just enough but that we are MORE THAN ENOUGH.  It may feel like you’re spent, overextended without much more to offer to anyone - especially yourself.  From that vantage point, the thought of being more than enough can be unbelievable. 


We endeavor to not only help you uncover your abundance but to help you discover how to direct your energy in a way that allows for the best version of yourself to become a consistent reality.  We work from a strength focused perspective using a variety of therapeutic approaches to help women:


  • Create healthy boundaries around work, home, friends and community

  • Increase self-awareness

  • Learn how to lean in and become more accepting of uncomfortable thoughts and feelings like guilt, shame and inadequacy as normal NOT defining

  • Learn how to love and be more compassionate with themselves

  • Improve communication and emotional expression

  • Overcome fear and embrace uncertainty

Areas of Focus


Depression is twice as more likely to impact women as men.  Some common symptoms are:

  • Fatigue

  • Sadness/ Hopelessness

  • Withdrawal/ Isolation

  • Lack of Motivation

  • Loss of interest in pleasurable activities

  • Changes in appetite (over or under eating)


Anxiety can be helpful by keeping us alert and attentive but when it becomes unmanageable, it can keep us from enjoying life.  Some common symptoms are:

  • Difficulty Relaxing/Edginess

  • Sleeplessness

  • Racing thoughts

  • Difficulty focusing or concentrating

  • Muscle Tension/Headaches

  • Fatigue/Exhaustion


Stress and burnout are similar to anxiety but is usually the result of repetitive attempts to improve or change something or difficulty prioritizing or organizing our day. Left unaddressed, it can lead to depression. Some common symptoms are:

  • Difficulty saying no

  • Difficulty organizing/prioritizing

  • Overextending self

  • Participation only in obligatory activities with little to no time for self.


When our attachment with one of the most important people in our lives is disrupted, it can wreak havoc in many areas of our lives.  Our areas of focus include:

  • Communication issues

  • Emotional expression difficulties

  • Infidelity

  • Conflict resolution


Bipolar Disorder is a categorized mood disorder that vary from mild to severe manic, hypomanic and/or depressive symptoms that last for weeks to months and are often debilitating. 


We conduct assessments and evaluations to determine the correct diagnosis, provide referrals for medication management and provide ongoing treatment to manage your symptoms so they don't get in the way of achieving your goals.


Pregnancy and childbirth can be the most exciting and scariest experiences of our lives.  Some of us may experience debilitating depression and/or anxiety that may leave us feeling ashamed, guilty and alone.  Others of us may have experienced trauma during childbirth.  And still there are vast numbers who may experience the baby blues, feelings of resentment and overwhelm in response to increasing responsibility and a changing family dynamic. It is important to know that these feelings are all NORMAL.


We provide a safe place to acknowledge and process through these feelings while offering practical coping strategies, encouragement and support.


Loss is one of the most profound and earth shattering experiences a person can face.  Don't face it alone. Whether you are struggling with the loss of a relationship, loved one, job or family role, the feeling of powerlessness becomes apparent and can be, for most of us, overwhelming and crippling. 


You may be feeling that it is easier to forego the feelings connected to the grief but it's so important to experience them so that you can begin to create new meaning within your new stage of life. 


Remember, there is no time limit on grieving. We are here to hold space for your journey through darkness to the light.


Private practice is not an endeavor to be undertaken in isolation. Whether you're looking for support in building or growing your practice or just need new perspective for challenging cases, I can help. I provide consultation for therapists practicing from a myriad of theoretical orientations including: behavioral, humanistic and existential.

As an eclectic therapist, I employ a mix of interventions and utilize many lenses to better understand and help my clients and am confident that I can help you too.  

Therapy for the Modern Woman

We can’t expect from others what we are unwilling to give ourselves because only we can teach others how to care for us. 


When we learn to embrace who we are, we inspire others to be themselves too!!

-Jarrette Wright-Booker

You do so much to care for others but when it's time to care for yourself, you can’t find the time or the energy. Or maybe as you are reading these words, you've realized that you've ignored yourself for so long that you don't know where you start and others begin.


You are more than enough


Women of color are natural healers, nurturers and caretakers.  We have been taught to anticipate and provide for the needs of others to our detriment. We are taught to suppress, to be independent, autonomous and to avoid asking for help as these are all ways to ensure a facade of strength.  Paradoxically, true courage and strength are demonstrated through vulnerability - an acknowledgement that help is needed and then taking steps to access help.


You are who you've been waiting for


Women are two times more likely than men to experience depression and anxiety, especially during life transitions that can include but are definitely not limited to: going away to college, career changes, career entry, marriage, pregnancy, motherhood, infertility, divorce/break up and even promotion.


We work with women to address these issues as well as provide screening and assessment for other mood and mental health issues including: post-partum depression,anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and trauma.


The answer is within

We honor you as the expert on yourself and provide a safe space for you to rediscover yourself while exploring, defining or redefining your values.


As a team, you and your therapist will create a plan that focuses on targeting the thoughts and behaviors that get in the way of your actions aligning with your values.


Whatever the barrier, we believe that you are fully competent and capable of achieving your goals and would be honored to have the opportunity to partner with you on your journey toward peace and wellness.


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